Angie T. Davis

Robin C. Bishop
Chief Deputy Clerk

Clerk, State Court
of Cobb County

12 East Park Square
Marietta, GA 30090-9630

Civil Division
(770) 528-1216

Criminal Division
(770) 528-1246

Accounting Division
(770) 528-1271
State Court Clerk

Criminal Division

Contact Number: (770) 528-1246

The cases processed by the Criminal Division are categorized into three different types of cases: Traffic Violations Bureau (T.V.B.) cases (traffic citations allowing payment of bond/fine in lieu of court appearance), Traffic cases (traffic citations that require a court appearance or involve an accident), and Misdemeanor cases.

In 2013, the Criminal Division filed 6,854 misdemeanor cases and 70,570 traffic cases.

File Retrieval

All pending cases are available on site.

Completed Misdemeanor cases:
1983 - 1999 misdemeanor case files have been imaged and are available on site.
2004 and older misdemeanor case files are stored off site and may be ordered for a fee of $7, payable in advance.
2005 to present misdemeanor case files are available on site.

Completed Traffic cases:
2002 - present traffic cases are available on site.

Completed TVB cases:
2007 - present TVB cases are available on site.


  • Copy Charge: $.25 per page
  • Certified Copy: $3 (stamp and seal) + $.25 per page
  • Exemplified Copy: $5 (certificate and seal) + $.25 per page
  • Failure to Appear: $65.00

  • Dispositions

    All misdemeanor and traffic dispositions that are required to be reported in compliance with Georgia Law are reported to the Department of Driver Services (DDS) and Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC).

    Leave of Absence

    When filing a Motion for Leave of Absence an original must be filed for each case, or, if filing one leave and attaching a list of cases, a copy must be provided to be filed in each case. The Court does not require an order to be filed with each case; the Court has a standing order.


    Notice of Court dates are either acknowledged in person or are mailed to the Defendant.

    Change of Address

    It is the defendant’s responsibility to notify the court in writing of any change of address. Sureties and attorneys are also responsible for notifying the court in writing of any change of address. The change of address must be submitted on each case in which the defendant, surety, and/or attorney is associated. Failure to do so could result in not receiving notification of a court date change, which could result in a bench warrant being issued for failure to appear.

    pdf Change of Address Form - Criminal Division Cases
    alt Subpoena Ducus Tecum for Attorney Issuance
    alt Witness Subpoena for Attorney Issuance

    Change of Address Forms are published in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format. To view and print these forms, you will need to download and install this FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader.