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Police Email Notification System (PENS)


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The Police Email Notification System is maintained by Cobb Police to enhance communication between our five police precincts and the communities they serve. The objective of the program is the establishment of e-mail contact with official representatives of Cobb's homeowners associations (HOA's) and business leaders on matters of safety and security.


In late summer and early fall of 2006, Precinct 4 was suffering from a large number of car break-ins. A significant number of the police reports indicated that the incidents were occurring in single family residential areas where the owners were leaving the vehicles parked in their driveway with valuables inside and the vehicles unlocked. This was allowing theft perpetrators to simply walk through the neighborhoods undetected at night open the unlocked vehicles and take whatever had been left in the vehicle. We recognized that in the East Cobb area we had an opportunity to get this information along with Crime Prevention tips to our community through the tremendous network of East Cobb Homeowners Associations. After several initial meetings with Homeowner Association (HOA) representatives and building an initial email distribution list, the pilot Precinct 4 PENS project was established. We began providing Crime Trends, Crime Prevention, Crime Updates and Statistics to our HOA representatives for them to share with their respective communities. They in turn had a pipeline directly to Precinct 4 for questions and answers. The project has now grown to include all of Cobb's residential communities and business leaders with Web sites which allow us to provide this information to everyone.


From the Police to the HOA's / Businesses:

From the HOA's / Businesses to the Police:

  • Observed suspicious persons or activity information
  • Questions on Safety, Security and Crime Prevention
  • To establish geographical location of the HOA's and businesses for dissemination of crime information specific to their area.
  • To establish regular meetings between Precincts and PENS representatives to discuss this project, crime prevention and crime trends.
  • To promote and coordinate this project with the CCPD Neighborhood Watch Program


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