Superior Court Administration

You have reached the office of Cobb Superior Court
Jury Administration.  Our office hours
are from 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. If you have received a
jury summons, please read the information provided on the front and back of the
summons.  If you are no longer a resident
of CobbCounty, please fax a document showing
your name and new address.  If you need a
Child Care Affidavit you may go to and print a copy of the
affidavit needed.  Students must submit
an affidavit from the Registrar’s Office showing they are a full time
student.  Medical Affidavits and Over 70
affidavits are located at the bottom of your summons.  
If you are a non-citizen, please fax a copy of your
Residency Card, or your Green Card to 770-528-1808. All requests for deferments
from jury duty must be made in writing.
Submit your name, date summoned and a brief reason for your
request.  The Court will respond back to
you in writing.  Deferments and or
excusals cannot be made over the telephone.
Thank you.