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MARCH 2014

PENS Bulletin
March 2014

Welcome to the March edition of THE PENS DISPATCH. This bulletin is brought to you from the Precinct V Criminal Investigations Unit and is designed to keep you aware of crime trends in your area and measures you can take to keep you and your family safe.


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Starting this weekend and throughout next week many families will be packing up to go somewhere nice to enjoy the warm season, but also many have college students that will go on Spring Break to places like Daytona Beach Florida and Cancun. Personal safety is the theme of our March Dispatch. It is imperative that families especially students exercise caution, especially when travelling abroad for Spring Break. Concerns over violence in Ukraine and the continuous possibility of political and social unrest in Egypt have prompted the State Department to issue travel alerts for those countries. Note that travel alerts are issued when short-term conditions pose a significant risk to the safety and security of U.S. citizens. Travel warnings are issued to advise Americans to avoid travel to countries where long-term, protracted conditions make a country dangerous or unstable. Several countries meet that criterion, including Mexico, a popular spring break destination. And while resorts and tourist destinations generally do not see the level of violent crime that plagues border region cities and states such as Tijuana, Ciudad de Juarez, and Nuevo Leon, you should be aware that incidents of crime and violence can occur anywhere. We urge you to do diligent research before venturing out of the country. Following a few simple safety precautions can help make your Spring Break adventure a more enjoyable experience. (Check out the U.S. Department of State’s web-site listed below. You can find valuable information, such as what to do if you are the victim of a crime or lose your passport. You can also sign up to receive travel alerts via Facebook and Twitter).


• If travelling abroad, check the U.S. State Department’s Travel Alerts and Warnings at
• Conduct an internet search of the local Newspapers / Crime Stats / Trends of the area you will be visiting.
• Respect your host country and its people by following their laws and customs.
• Practice the country’s language ahead of time. Bring a language dictionary to help.
• Avoid carrying large amounts of cash.
Prepaid travel money cards are best.
For more info go to Money Cards
• Leave credit cards and ATM cards locked in a secure place.
• Keep track of your baggage and personal belongings at all times.

Before leaving

• Secure your house or apartment.
• Unplug all appliances.
• Make sure all windows are closed and locked.
• Leave a copy of your travel itinerary with someone back home.

Use the buddy system

There is safety in numbers and it is best to do things as a group.
Try to have at least three members of your group with you at all times when leaving your hotel. Don’t leave a friend behind. If you go out together, come home together!


If you are of legal drinking age and you do decide to drink, do so responsibly. Reports indicate that 98% of spring breakers who suffered injuries were intoxicated at the time. Note also that drinking to intoxication leaves a person more susceptible to becoming the victim of a sexual assault or other serious crime. Keep your drink in sight at all times. If you must leave an unfinished drink to go to the bathroom or dance floor, discard it and purchase a new one when you return. Leaving a drink unattended gives anyone (including bar personnel) the opportunity to tamper with it.
DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE Use a designated driver or choose public transportation.
The most important spring break safety tip we can give you is to ask you to use common sense. Trust your instincts; if someone, or someplace, doesn’t feel right to you, chances are it isn’t. With these safety tips in mind, stay safe, and enjoy your sun-filled spring break! Please see short video on a special report from CNN on Spring Break-


Normally during the week of Spring Break we see a rise in entering autos and thefts. Schools are out and many young teenagers are home alone and bored. “Door flipping” is very common among teens, while passing through a neighborhood or subdivision, they simple start “flipping” door handles on cars to see if they are unlocked and then entering them to see what they can find to steal.


As the weather warms up and summer vacation approaches, crimes such as Burglary and Entering Auto often increase. Please review your current habits related to crime prevention and make adjustments where necessary to keep your homes and vehicles safe.

•Lock doors and windows and set the alarm every time you leave.
•Keep garage doors closed and locked.
•Remove all valuables and anything that would appear to a thief to contain valuables from your vehicle every night and lock the door.
•Install outdoor security lighting, preferably on a timer.
•If you go on vacation, have a friend or neighbor pick up your mail and check on the residence.
•Don’t post vacation plans on Facebook or other social media sites and don’t post vacation photos until you return.
•Record Make, Model, and serial numbers to all firearms and electronics and email the list to yourself.
•Remember, if you see something suspicious, call 911 right away!


412 Beat  Det. Goodman  Entering Auto/Landscape Equipment Theft

Beginning on or around 10/24/2013 multiple reports of stolen lawn equipment were taken in which a dark grey Honda Accord with smoky wheels occupied by two black males had been seen committing the crimes. They were targeting lawn care company vehicles.

Zannie Copeland was made a suspect when a serial number on one of the products resulted in a pawn hit.

Further investigation and information obtained from Stihl product registration led to  the resulting charges inCobb. In addition, there are pending charges in other jurisdictions including burglary and theft by taking in Roswell, theft by taking in DeKalb, and multiple counts of theft by deception in DeKalb and Gwinnett.

Crime:     Entering Auto, Theft By Taking, Theft of a Firearm, Theft by Deception        
Recovery:      $8600                          
Offenders:    Zannie Copeland
         Deonte Magsby

417 beat Burglary Det. O’Neal  and Det. Goodman

On 01/07/2014 sometime between 1200 hrs and 1330 hrs someone forced entry through a rear window of the residence on Burning Tree Dr in the Atlanta Country Club area and stole numerous items, to include electronics and jewelry.  Tracking the iPhone led detectives to Heritage Court apartments located at 4103 Pine Valley Road in Tucker.  Additional evidence led to the suspected apartment and a search warrant was conducted leading to the recovery of all of the victim’s property in that case.  There was also evidence that the suspects were responsible for a burglary that occurred on Atlanta Country Club Drive a few days earlier.  On 01/08/2014 the following two individuals were charged with Burglary for two residences in East Cobb.

Hardy, Adrian Alexander of Tucker, GA

Robinson, Dominique of Tucker, GA  

410 Beat Theft by Taking-Felony Det. Gasque

The victim had a local plumber to perform repairs at her residence.  While inside the home, Harold Rose, the plumber, stole a felony amount of jewelry. The plumber sold the items to County Line Pawn Shop within two hours of the theft. During the investigation he admitted to having a drug addiction, and stated that he was under the influence when he committed the crime. A large portion of the jewelry was recovered.

Offender: Harold Rose
Theft by Taking (Felony)

This concludes the March PENS Bulletin. Please continue to stay involved, stay vigilant, and help look out for your neighbors!


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Ladies and Gentlemen,

On Tuesday 09/24/2013 there were two Entering Autos (Car Break Ins) at East Valley Elementary on Lower Roswell Rd and one at East Side Elementary on Roswell Rd.  At each incident the offender broke out a window and took the victim's purse that was left in open view as seen from the exterior of the vehicle.   This occurred in the afternoon while picking up children from the schools.

There was no suspect seen to provide a lookout.

In addition we had a series of unlocked vehicles entered in apartment communities off Bentley Rd and Delk Rd overnight Sunday 09/22 and overnight Monday 09/23.  

This is again a great reminder not to leave valuables in your vehicles when dropping off or picking up children at schools and daycare facilities.

When parking your vehicles overnight at home, make sure you lock your doors and remove your valuables. The next series could be in your neighborhood. Call 911 if you see any suspicious persons.

You may live in a "safe neighborhood" but you need to take these steps to keep it that way.

Be safe and remain vigilant,
Sgt. Nelson

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