Angie T. Davis

Robin C. Bishop
Chief Deputy Clerk

Clerk, State Court
of Cobb County

12 East Park Square
Marietta, GA 30090-9630

Civil Division
(770) 528-1216

Criminal Division
(770) 528-1246

Accounting Division
(770) 528-1271
State Court Clerk

Civil Filing Fees

We accept cash, money order, cashier’s check, Visa, Master Card or debit card.


Filing Fees

Suits, Foreclosures on Personal Property, Distress Warrant, Garnishments, Dispossessory / Eviction Warrant, Civil Action of Any  Nature $195.00
Superior Court Recording Fee (Fifa)
Service of Dispossessory action per defendant
Service of Civil Action per defendant
Service of Garnishment Action per defendant $50.00
Supplemental proceedings to be served by Sheriff (except Dispossessory) $50.00
Garnishment Reissue
Enforcement of Foreign Judgment (each - $5.00 fifa fee included) $200.00
Third Party Complaint $15.00
Plaintiff’s Traverse of Garnishment $15.00
Notice of Appeal
Motion for New Trial and Docketing
Motion for Judgment Notwithstanding the Verdict and Docketing
Supersedeas Bond Filing and Approval $10.00
Affidavit where no cause is pending $10.00
Issuance of subpoena (each) $1.00
Alias FI FA $5.00
Certified Copy (Stamp and Seal for Each)
Exemplified Copy
Copies (per page) $0.25
Rush Fee $5.00
Preparing of DDS Letter $5.00
Rescheduling any criminal or traffic case after defendant has failed to appear $65.00
File retrieval $7.00